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"We Are In The Business Of Watching MIRACLES Happen"

Elite Lifestyle Therapy / Coaching

I provide comprehensive support for personal growth, development, and healing. 

I personally understand the challenges individuals face due to past childhood t... Read more

The Offering

Thru this one on one comprehensive training, I will help you to build your unsinkable ship, turning decades into days, dissolving deep core woundings, limiting ... Read more

What Are We About?

We are passionate about wellness and deeply dedicated to maximizing the human potential. 

This translates into helping unlock those individuals ready to move f... Read more

Ongoing Opportunity

Sign up for any of our paid programs and receive a bonus audio set

Upcoming Events

10 Pack of Private Sessions

Ten (10) private a-la-carte sessions with the founding Total Body Re-Education Specialist to gain insight and growth in any specific desired application of what is offered, including but in no way limited to Nutrition, Breathwork, Meditation, Unwinding those Limiting Beliefs & Past Traumas.

If you are interested in a 10 pack, please book a free consultation HERE to start your healing journey.

8 Week Reset Program

This program walks you thru 8 weeks of building blocks via Breathwork, Mindset/Neuroplasticity, Nutrition, Energetics, Fitness, Qigong, Spiritual Growth & More...

Each week comes with 1 on 1 session each week as well as easy to follow modules. Each week dives deep into each segment and offers practical tools designed so that everyone can use at virtually any level of health and experience... Easy to follow and no special tools needed... Includes consultation in the nutrition segment!

Breath Activation Series

Learn Breath work theory, 4 types of breathwork for daily life in all settings, guided practical experience


When you are looking for a retreat to reconnect with your body on a holistic way, we are the right choice! Enlightened Hands Wellness Inc is here to ensure you are able to learn more about breathing, nutrition and energy.

We are organizing seminars several times a year to introduce people into the wonderful world of Qigong, breathing, meditation, and the holistic approach to healing, training, breathing and meditating. Get in touch with us today.


Brian Allen - N°55, Los Angeles Rams

Every time I’m home I make en emphasis on seeing RoninWolf. Having seen many different types of body workers & nutrition based therapists from playing professional sports, few match the level of care, effectiveness, knowledge and passion RoninWolf has for his profession. He’s a top level sports therapist as well as being a well informed holistic nutrition expert, and always has the cleanest and best nutritional and natural products for me to implement into my plan. I always leave feeling better than I came in and knowing I can trust I will get the best with him and what he offers the price for the value is very reasonable.

- Brian Allen, #55 Los Angeles Rams.

M. Allen - N°64 Michigan State

I have seen many chiropractors, atheltic trainers, and massage therapist. none have the same skill set as RoninWolf. Whenever I am in town for an extended period of time, I try to see RoninWolf at least two times. There have been multiple occasions I have had body issues, and no one could fix the problem except RoninWolf. Few match the level of care, knowledge and effectiveness of his profession. He's a top-level sports therapist and an expert holistic nutritionist. I always leave feeling better than I came in, and he offers this at a very fair price.  

- Matt Allen, football player at Michigan State, #64.


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