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The Offering

The Offering

Thru this one on one comprehensive training, RoninWolf will help you to build your unsinkable ship, turning decades into days, dissolving deep core woundings, limiting beliefs, trauma, blame & shame.  

Utilizing any tools required to obtain your unique desired outcomes with complete success.

Ronin is often asked what is it about this program that is not only so effective but so simple that it creates lasting effect?

The answer is simply this:

All the books and various programs that have varying levels of value... 
Ultimately Teach you to Consume the Metaphorical Menu of the Restaurant never getting to the actual meal...

This program points directly to the Dinner...

It is in this that you will find the path is not only so much more simple but also far more effective than anything you have tried to date...

You will become aware of the fact you have been viewing the world thru outdated lenses...

You will be shown a whole new drawer of lens options to choose from as you evolve... 
Unlocking Your Potential in this Human Experience... Authentically Free from the Past and the Future. 
Completely Present in the Now!

Some of the tools may include though Not limited to:

  • Breathwork
  • Neurolinguistics 
  • Energy Practices like Qigong, Tai chi
  • Future Medicine treatments
  • Food Healing & Herbalism
  • Bodymechanics
  • Various Meditations
  • Pranic Healing
  • So much more...