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Niya Bouvier
Social Media & Product Liaison

Niya is a young up and coming lifestyle practitoner. 

Niya has grown up surrounded by Holistic Health Practices...

Such as 

  • Breathwork
  • Food Healing Education & implementation
  • Qigong and other various Energy Practices
  • Neuro-Linguistic Repatterning

Niya has learned first hand how to take Control of the Body, Mind & Emotions allowing her to excel in School, Sports and other various Activities...

Her Experiences have led her to playing an active role in both Total Body Reeducation and, 

as well as Niya is spreading the teachings to her peer group thru example and sharing of insights...

Niya has become an integral part of the future of society by taking the road less traveled by and making it more paletable to others of varying lifestyles and habits.

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